I joined to read other’s blogs!

I do not write here often, since I mostly enjoy the blogs so much I can’t do better than anyone and my life is plain, simple and quiet.

This summer scorched us, and finally moderated but the earth is cracking and I’m reading up on the dust bowl but hoping that does not ever happen again. When you can see eight inches into the ground, it is like living some where new to me.

The extreme heat damaged roads, and water mains. One evening, four mains broke and a large section of my town and us in the country had no water until repairs that took eight hours were made. Now the water is yellow brown for days, and not sure when the great clear water we were so used to will return.

I thought it was clear today until tonight when I did a load of towels. Oh well, slightly tan used to be white towels are okay.

At least the washer works, we have water and things are not too out of whack here on the hill.

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