Presently I live on a hill outside of a town that is home to 4000 people, a court house, shops and a great library.

I have a small farmhouse, a very large rickety barn and outside pampered cats: JoeJoe, Attaboy, Garfield, Corky and Smokey. The boys keep me in line when I am outside, follow me around and basically are the best mousers in the whole world.

I do not have a fancy sewing machine, yet I enjoy making quilts, cloth dolls and anything that strikes my fancy.

I like to read pre-1960 books. I cannot drive a car at all. I like to use vintage items, like my 1940s irons I save from thrift stores. I like to doodle and admit I only cook because I have to eat. Pizza is not delivered to the countryside.

I have an interesting husband who is not crafty.
Opposites really do attract.


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